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cgd landscape design brings together the creativity, expertise and experience of two of the UK’s leading garden and landscape designers, Helen Billetop and Sally Court.

The design practise has a reputation for creating landscapes and gardens with a strong sense of place and specialises in providing a personalised design service for both private and corporate clients in the UK and overseas.

From large country estates to city gardens 

Working from their studio in West London, Helen and Sally have built up an impressive and varied portfolio of projects – ranging from large country estates to city gardens, from courtyards to roof gardens, from family gardens to public parks – always delivering inspired spaces that sit seamlessly and beautifully in their locations.


Our garden designs are as varied as their owners and locations, from contemporary and cutting edge designs to more traditional or even historic interpretations. They evolve form a deep understanding and sensitivity to our clients needs, enhancing the space around them and carefully integrating the designed space into the wider landscape beyond.  Our designs are always softened with beautiful planting schemes that are easy to maintain and always fulfil the client’s aspirations.


Our philosophy combines the functional with the artistic to create inspired and sustainable gardens and landscapes. 

We embrace the local characteristics and conditions to develop design solutions which blend seamlessly with the locale and can be surprising in their simplicity.

We care about the environment and have a strong ethos to improve the quality of the land by creating sustainable gardens and maximising biodiversity.  This can also mean collaborating with local and traditional craftsmen or looking at incorporating the latest sustainable materials and solutions.

Considering of all these elements along with exquisite planting and an intelligent understanding of the space and place combine to deliver consistently beautiful and inspired gardens.

People and Places

We have a mix of private, commercial and International clients.  We are experienced in working across different climate zones and have become specialists designing successful planting schemes in different and difficult sites ranging from the long hard winters of Moscow to the desert conditions in Morocco, and many countries and climates in between.

large country estates

"Our philosophy combines the functional with the artistic to create inspired and sustainable gardens and landscapes"

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